The smell of freshly baked bread emmanating from a small food vendors shop caught the nose of Marcus Lupinius Paulus as he crossed into the city via the Pons Aurelius. Buying a small loaf, he chewed a piece as he briskly walked from the bridge towards the Campus Martius. But where to go now? Paulus approached a friendly looking lady and asked for directions to the Via Tecta, which the lady graciously gave. Thanking her, he hurried on and soon found the street. Presently, hearrived at the Castra Vetera, the Insula home of Aldus Marius Peregrinus. It was tobe a happy reunion.

Unfortunately, Marius was not home. Paulus sighed. Ah well. But all was not lost. Wrapping the remainder of his small loaf of fresh bread in a clean rag, he scratched a note on a tablet. "Sorry to have missed you this time. I just arrived and have taken up lodgings in Trans Tiberim. Look me up in the Insula Lupinia, Vicus Gemini. And please enjoy this loaf before the bugs do!"

Marcus Lupinius Paulus 02:41, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

moving in Edit

Salve mi Mari,

I just moved in on the Viminal Hill, Via Labicana (that's in the subura and I think close to the Ludus Magnus, stil find it kinda hard to edit anything since I'm not used to the Wiki code. Just wanted to say hello and I might come back to you for help with filling out my profile.

Valet optime, Medusa Gladiatrix aka Cleopatra Aelia on SVR

Ave - Edit

Atque Salve, Marii -

Love your library. Your cella looks good (no surprise, but good IS good).

I have to find some time to work on my cella....

Vale tu, et valeat Curli-Suu!


Quid Novi, Magister? Edit

V. Claud. Ioh. Aldo Mario sal.

Not that we don't exchange enough posts and so on at the SVR, but I left a hello for Marcus Lupinius over at Roman-Space, so I decided to drop by here.

I love his Templum Isidis! I take pleasure in the Isian worship, in the images he's collected, in that friendly, humorous tone he has. I was there today and followed some of the links after my time with the Goddess. Mary - Isis - Vesta. A kind of cosmic nectar amid the crushing chaos.

Hope all is well, or at least well enough, with you. Ut semper, optime vale.


Iohannes 02:19, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

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