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The Societas Iuventutis Romanae (SIR) may become the Youth organization of Nova Roma (Sodalitas Iuventutis Romanae) in the future. At the moment it is a Internet based society and will in the beginning work with international contact nets. SIR is not officially acknowledged by the Noma Roma Senate yet, but may be that in the future. SIR will in the beginning be lead by grown ups and later it will slowly be taken over by youngsters. SIR will primary work with children and youngsters ages 9 to 21.

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  • Roman Life ~ This a a great page about how the Romans lived.
  • Ancient Pompeii ~ All about the volcanoes and the ancient Roman city of Pompeii (pom-PAY).
  • Ancient Rome ~ Learn about daily life in ancient Rome. Topics include architecture, food, Roman baths, roads, clothing, and more. There are photographs of ancient art and Roman ruins, including the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. For Grades 4,5,6.

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