I'm new here by recommendation of Aldus Marius Peregrinus. I know him since January 2005 via his own webpage Roman Outpost as well as via the Societas Via Romana. When I joined the SVR - where I'm known under the name Cleopatra Aelia - I was basically intersted in the history of Rome, the legions, the social life etc. But that very same year in May I visited a Roman festival in Germany (on the presumed site of the Varus battle) where many reenactment groups were. I wanted to do something like that, too and since I'm not a handy craft person like most female reenactors but do Martial Arts I wanted to do something with fighting. Since there weren't female legionaries but female gladiators I started looking for a group near my home which also did gladiatorial fights. But unfortunately it did not work out personally so I founded my own group in mid-2006.

Last year we trained a lot and got our kit more or less together. Now we feel confident enough to present ourselves to the public on 26.04.08 in my hometown of Hamburg in North Germany. We are still a small group, four gladiators so far but I hope that due to our first gig people will see us and one or the other might like to join us.

I also read a lot about gladiators which I think are a fascinating part of the Ancient Roman world and published two essay on SVR: Gladiators: An Introduction Gladiatrix

Please feel free to check out my own website where you will find infos about the group LVDVS NEMESIS as well as more interesting facts about gladiators:

Valete, Medusa Gladiatrix

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