(Insula Lupinia, cenaculum 1-A, Vicus Gemini, Trans Tiberim)

Welcome to my humble residence.

My name is Marcus Lupinius Paulus. I chose this name because of my interest in the New Testament texts: Marcus, from the first extant gospel, and Paulus for the second major division in the New Testament, the Epistles of Paul. And Lupinius I chose just because I like wolves.

I am a member and a curator of the Societas Via Romana, and I work for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

I have recently built a virtual Temple of the Roman Isis, and enjoy the plays of Sophocles. You can also visit me at RomanSpace. My page is

Make yourself at home, and have some wine. Sorry, but you will not find the cliched Falernian here {this is an insula you know, not a villa} but I do have some Mamertine, which gets the job done and also some delightful Rhaetic. But don't touch the Yoohoo chocolate milk. That is for when my friend Marius Peregrinus comes to visit!

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