Vide Munera Gladiatoria et VenationesEdit

  • Sodalitas Munerum, an association of Nova Roman citizens interested in the art of gladiatorial combat and related entertainments as practiced in ancient Rome. The Sodalitas is formed for the purpose of staging such games in as safe a manner as possible while still remaining authentic and entertaining. To further that end, the Sodalitas shall facilitate research, the production of armor and weapons, training, staging games, and those other activities which are deemed to support that mission.
  • Roman Munerum is the unofficial email list of the Sodalitas Munerum of Nova Roma on the munera gladiatoria and venationes of ancient Rome.

Cinema Munera Gladiatoria et VenationesEdit

  • "Gladiators" I ~ Part 1 of 4. Learn why gladiatorial combat was so important to the everyday life of Roman life, and what it contributed to modern society. And discover the life of the gladiator, and why fighting was more honour than duty.
  • "The Colosseum" ~ Discover the secrets of the Roman Colosseum; its rise and fall; and what it contributed to modern society, namely arena sports.
  • "Building Rome's Colosseum" ~ National Geographic. Discover the engineering secrets behind Rome's Colosseum. Engineering the Impossible: The Colosseum
  • Gladiators at Middlewich Festival 2007 ~ Presenter & Producer James Balme brings us exclusive footage of the gladiators at the 2007 Roman Middlewich Festival. James, who has written and produced all of the documentaries covering the historic festivals in Middlewich, gives us an exclusive preview from the forthcoming documentary about the 2007 Middlewich Festival.
  • Roman Gladiators at Caerleon, July 2006 ~ THE GLADIATORS - Caerleon Amphiteatre had a Roman Day; part 2 features real athletes from Italy to re-create a gladiator show. These were real athletes using real force; but they were well protected. Hope you like it!
  • French Gladiator Reenactors ~ Gladiator reenactors who we watched at the ancient Roman theatre in Orange. They exhibit the fighting styles of the retiarius and the secutor.

  • FR: "Combat de Gladiateur" ~ tiens j'ai cru voir un gladiateur, mais oui c'est bien uèn gladiateur qui envahie le bahut du college

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