Lucius Iulius Regulus

I currently reside in Nova Eboracum(New York) and live in the major city in the southern part of the province. I am interested in all things Roman from politics, religion,law, and literature. I am a devoted follower of the Religio Romana. The Gods of my family are Venus and Apollo, I am their loyal son. Hope in the future to hold political office in Nova Roma so I can better serve the citizens of this great society.


Augustus, by Anthony Everitt

Cicero, by Anthony Everitt

Caesar, by Christian Meier -----garden statuary and home statuary -----swords and battle gear ----virtual temple of Venus --- this is a fun quiz to figure out which Roman Emperor you would be-- ----incense,incense burners,statuary-great prducts ---- all sorts of incense sold here

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