The Diribitorium was a public voting hall situated on the Campus Martius in Ancient Rome. In this building, the votes cast by the people were counted by election officials. Construction of the building was started by Marcus Agrippa but finished by Augustus in 7 BC. According to Cassius Dio, the diribitorium was among a number of public buildings that were destroyed by fire in 80 AD, and subsequently rebuilt by Emperor Titus.

The Ovilia was an enclosed space in the Diribitorium and was originally divided by barriers of some sort into aisles and sections, corresponding in number to the curiae, tribus or centuriae of the different assemblies, and through these the people passed to deposit their votes on the pons or raised platform at the side. In ancient days, voting was done by dropping small wax-covered tablets into an urn known as a cista. We have adopted the same secret ballot system with the assistance of modern technology.

Office of the Diribitores et CustodesEdit

  • Diribitores et Custodes List

Current Diribitors of Nova RomaEdit

Marcus Martianius Lupus

Caius Aemilius Crassus

Sextus Postumius Albus

Gaius Iulius Adventor

Current Custodes of Nova RomaEdit

Stephanus Ullerius Venator Piperbarbus

Office: VACANT

Cast Your Vote in the CistaEdit

Simple steps for voting

  1. Carefully check the schedule below for your correct voting times and comitia.
  2. Go to your Album Civium page. Make sure you are logged in via the box on the right of the screen.
  3. Click on "get vote code...".
  4. Make a note of your Voter Code. You will need it if there are problems with your vote.
  5. Click on the "go vote" button.
  6. Cast your ballots.

If you already know your voter code, you may access the Nova Roma Cista directly at:

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