• Aquila ~ The Official online newsletter of Nova Roma.
  • Book Club NR ~ A book club with an interest in all things Roman. Fiction and non-fiction, ancient and modern. Both Citizens of Nova Roma and her friends and allies may join the discussion. We will pick a book for reading and review and for intelligent discussion. If it can be arranged we will also have a guest author join the discussion from time to time.
  • Decuria of Interpreters ~ This is the group of the members of the Decuriae Interpretes of Nova Roma. Here are listed the official translators, colaborators and Web Site´s uploaders. We are doing a hard work to get Nova Roma to all!
  • Nova Roma Press ~ A group of Nova Roma citizens working to establish a publishing house for Roman and Latin related books and other printed matter.
  • Publications Staff NR ~ This is the Nova Roma Publications Staff Site. The "Pilum," "NovaBritannia," and "Roman Times" are newsletters of NovaRoma. The Newsletter staff will use this site to talk about coming issues of the newsletters. NR Citizens and Citizen applicants may also send information to the site for placement in the NovaRoma Publications.
  • Quirinus ~ The official quarterly webzine of QUIRITES, a French association devoted to ancient Rome.
  • Vox Romana ~ Vox Romana is a free bi-monthly podcast about all things Roman. Vox Romana is an international team of people from different cultural backgrounds, with diverse talents, interests, and expertise. But we all share in a common love of Roman culture, and our mission is to become a voice for this Romanitas we all feel.

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